Working at TRICOR

Working at TRICOR

With around 2,000 employees at 16 locations, we supply industrial customers from numerous sectors throughout Central Europe with our packaging and EPP molded parts.


Start a career at TRICOR and be part of a dynamic team that is shaping the future of our industry!


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Central advantages

TRICOR as an employer

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Our management principles

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    Setting a good example

    We strive to build the integrity and credibility of our managers to build the trust and respect within each team.

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    Focus on people

    We create a collaborative and employee-centered culture in which the needs and contributions of employees are valued.

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    Utilize changes

    We encourage our employees to be innovative in order to exceed the constantly changing demands of the market.

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    Being human and admitting mistakes

    We see it as a priority to create an environment in which employees can confidently share ideas and learn from mistakes. In this way, we create positive change on numerous levels.

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    Understanding the value of listening

    In order to find effective solutions, we are constantly working to deepen communication and understanding between our managers and employees.

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    Developing leadership qualities

    It is very important to us to support employees in their professional development and to build a team of future managers.

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    Achieving more through collaboration

    Together we are stronger. That's why we promote teamwork and celebrate greater successes together.

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    Having and living values

    Through our mission and vision, we create a long-term ethical basis for decision-making and the behavior of all employees,

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    We create trust and transparency by sharing information and decisions openly.

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    Using technology and innovation as a springboard

    The constant use of technology and the promotion of innovation enable us to achieve continuous growth.

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    Support with development

    We support every employee in their professional development and help them to improve their skills and abilities.

Our vision

To revolutionize the markets with our sustainable products and to be a top employer for our employees. The real driver for our success is a team of doers, inventors, thinkers and creative minds - and our appreciation of them. Working together we ensure the success of every employee and TRICOR.