Sustainability at TRICOR

As a manufacturer of packaging made from corrugated cardboard, heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, foams and EPP products, it is important to us to take responsibility for our environment and future generations. For us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It is a core value that characterises our entire company.


Sustainability at TRICOR is reflected in numerous areas. Whether in internal processes, the use of materials in our products or the respectful treatment of our employees.


We are committed now and together we are making an important contribution to a sustainable tomorrow.

Sustainability at TRICOR - supporting people

We are convinced that sustainable action not only protects nature, but also the people who are part of TRICOR. That is why we attach great importance to creating a working environment that is characterized by respect, appreciation, fairness and team spirit. Not only the company's success, but also our employees are allowed to grow in their personal and professional development through training and further education. Because it is clear to us that we can only achieve a sustainable future with qualified, motivated and complementary employees.


Sustainability at TRICOR - CO2 savings

Our goal? We want to reduce our company's CO2 consumption by around half by 2030. To achieve this goal, we are setting a lot in motion within TRICOR and implementing a wide range of measures at numerous locations. Whether photovoltaic systems, e-charging stations for employees, green electricity or electric trucks - we are constantly working hard towards a green future.



Sustainability at TRICOR - Protecting resources

The responsible use of resources is essential for TRICOR. For this reason, we rely exclusively on FSC®-certified material for the paper used in our corrugated cardboard and thus ensure that our corrugated cardboard packaging comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests. FSC certification® stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and is an internationally recognized certification system for responsible forest management.


Sustainability at TRICOR - it's the mix of materials that makes the difference

Thanks to our unique variety of materials made from corrugated cardboard, heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, cast fiber, foam and EPP, we are able to manufacture individual and sustainable packaging and products that also increase the sustainability of our customers. This includes not only corrugated cardboard packaging for single-use, but also packaging made from other materials that can also be used in the reusable system. As packaging experts, we know how to use multi-materials sustainably and efficiently and are happy to advise on the decision for or against disposable or reusable packaging. Thanks to our extensive industry experience and close cooperation with our customers, we at TRICOR are able to find the best and truly sustainable packaging solution.


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