Gearbox packaging

Transport and storage-safe packaging made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard for vehicle gearboxes

During transport and storage, the gearboxes must be protected from shocks and external influences. Due to the complexity of the gearboxes and the high dead weight of around 75 kilograms, packaging for gearboxes requires a high degree of precision.

By using heavy-duty corrugated cardboard and a corrugated cardboard compartment, it is possible to hold the gearboxes firmly in the packaging. The compartments separate the gearboxes from each other so that four gearboxes can be packed in one package at the same time. A customised or standardised wooden pallet forms the base for the gearbox packaging.

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Your advantages by using gearbox packaging from TRICOR

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Maximum protection
Thanks to the use of four-fluted heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, the vehicle gearboxes are optimally protected against vibrations.
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Our packaging for gearboxes can also be used as reusable packaging.
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Storage & transport volume
Due to their stackability, the packaging takes up less space during storage and transport.
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Packaging for TRICOR gearboxes is suitable for sea and air freight
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Maximum volume capacity utilisation
Four gearboxes can be transported and stored simultaneously in just one package.

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