Combination of materials

Combination of materials

Our multi-material industrial packaging is characterised by the use of resilient heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, foams in various thicknesses, stable wood, sustainable fibre casting and resistant EPP. This combination of materials enables our packaging to withstand even the most demanding transport and storage conditions.


The combined use of these materials thus creates a packaging solution that not only ensures the protection of your products, but also takes ecological aspects into account.

Our multi-material packaging solutions

Here you will find packaging examples that we have already realised with numerous satisfied customers from various industries.

Wood at TRICOR

Wood is also an essential component of our heavy goods packaging. Whether in the form of wooden pallets or as packaging components that provide additional stability to the packaging - thanks to our expertise, we develop secure packaging for heavy goods using the optimum use of materials.


Foam at TRICOR

The use of foam as a packaging component enables an effective combination of protection, flexibility and adaptability. This is particularly important when it comes to ensuring the integrity of sensitive products during the entire transport and storage process.

We use various types of foam in different qualities, colours and degrees of hardness. Recycled foams and foams with an ESD coating are an integral part of our portfolio.

Our innovative processing options enable us to realise individual shapes and milling.