Products made of fibre casting

Products made of fibre casting

Cast fibre is one of the most sustainablematerials that can be used in packaging. Consisting of 100% waste paper and natural raw materials, cast fibre can be fully composted, recycled and reused.


Moulded parts made of cast fibre can be produced in any packaging and offer different and individual advantages.

The alternative to plastic and polystyrene components

  • Sizes, heights and shapes can be customised
  • Fibre-cast moulded parts can be used universally and fully protect products
  • Thanks to its strength and cushioning effect, moulded fibre offers a high level of transport safety
  • Simple handling enables savings in packing times
  • Transport and storage costs can also be saved

It's all about flexible additional properties

  • The addition of environmentally friendly and renewable fibres can influence the properties of the fibre casting
  • Depending on requirements, fibre castings can be water- and grease-repellent as well as flame-retardant
  • A high load-bearing capacity is given

Ecological aspects of fibre casting

  • Recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly material made from waste paper and, where applicable, renewable materials
  • One hundred per cent biodegradable

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