3D printer packaging

The safe and practical transport packaging for 3D printers

3D printers often have a large format and a high weight. The sensitive electronics of the device also require a particularly high level of protection. If a device is damaged during transport, this is usually associated with enormous costs for you as the manufacturer. In addition, the transport packaging for your 3D printer should certainly also take sustainability aspects into account and enable practical delivery.

TRICOR's transport packaging for 3D printers fulfils all of these requirements.

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For our customer Kumovis, we developed customised transport packaging for their 3D printer, which weighs around 500 kg. It consists mainly of wood and corrugated cardboard as well as some padding and connecting elements. This makes the transport packaging for TRICOR 3D printers significantly lighter than a conventional wooden crate.


Connecting elements such as the TRICOR-Connect make it easy to handle during assembly. In addition, the risk of injury is minimised because the wooden sides do not need to be screwed together. Our certified Rhinoplate® is a four-wall corrugated cardboard and ensures maximum stability. The 3D printer is wrapped in it on all sides. Transport packaging made from RhinoPlate® can be used for transport throughout Europe and for overseas shipping.

Your advantages by using 3D printer packaging from TRICOR

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Optimum protection
Very high puncture resistance is guaranteed thanks to four-fluted heavy-duty corrugated cardboard.
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Smart features
The lid of the packaging for 3D printers can also be used as a ramp.
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Easy handling
The transport packaging for 3D printers is many times lighter than the wooden crate.
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Nachhaltiges Recycling
Sustainable recycling
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Improved occupational safety
The risk of injury is minimised as the wooden sides do not need to be screwed together.

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Dieter Gottschall

Sales Manager South