Packaging for medical devices

Customized packaging solutions for your medical devices

At TRICOR, we use high-quality and sustainable materials such as corrugated cardboard, heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, wood, foam, EPP and ESD coatings to pack medical devices. These individual packaging solutions not only ensure maximum safety, but also offer optimum protection against all shocks during transportation.

Our comprehensive expertise guarantees that even sensitive devices arrive safely and intact at their destination.

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Your benefits when using packaging for medical devices

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Optimum protection
Customized packaging ensures perfect protection by being tailored precisely to the shape and size of the medical device.
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Safe transportation
The risk of damage during transport is minimized as the packaging for medical devices offers optimum protection against shocks, vibrations and impacts.
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Variety of materials
The use of different materials makes it possible to select the optimum combination for the respective application and to ensure maximum flexibility.
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Efficient logistics
Customized packaging solutions optimize truck utilization, which not only increases efficiency in logistics, but also reduces costs.
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Our expertise enables us to use materials efficiently and minimize waste, which contributes to the environment.
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Faster packaging processes
Precisely adapting the packaging to the medical devices optimizes the packaging process, which saves time when preparing them for shipping.

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Dieter Gottschall

Sales Manager South