Packaging for heavy goods

For the transport and storage of heavy goods

Heavy-duty packaging from TRICOR can be used for transport throughout Europe and for overseas shipping. Our BFSV-certified, four-wall corrugated cardboard RhinoPlate® consists of nine paper webs and is therefore a stable and sustainable alternative to heavy goods packaging made from other materials.

Our heavy duty packaging is subject to the safety factors of various types of transport and storage and is taken into account when determining the load capacity.

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Your advantages by using heavy duty packaging from TRICOR

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Reducing transport and storage volumes
Packaging for heavy goods can be delivered flat.
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Easy handling
Our four-fluted heavy-duty corrugated board weighs 60% less than comparable wooden crates.
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Individual customer requirements
Heavy duty corrugated cardboard packaging can be realised in various sizes.
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Packaging for heavy goods is ideal for overseas transport.
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Easy recycling
Due to the use of 100% corrugated cardboard.
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Container systems as heavy duty packaging can be reused.

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