Small load carrier KLT

Industrial packaging for optimal transportation and effective storage

Punched from a one-piece blank, small load carriers (KLT) made of corrugated cardboard are folded together on the pre-grooved sides and locked in place within a few seconds. In addition, recesses support the fastening and stability.

A lid in the form of a blank closes the corrugated cardboard small load carrier. The contents are securely stowed away and can be transported and stored.

The integrated stacking lugs on the corrugated cardboard small load carriers ensure optimum transportation and effective storage. Even heavy product parts can be packed smoothly on top of each other thanks to the stacking lugs.

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Our team is constantly working on improving the small load carriers. Thanks to smart further developments, five sizes of the 17 series (KLT 1740-1744) have already been optimized. This results in a reduction in gross surface area of up to 36%, which also significantly reduces material consumption and waste.


The corrugated cardboard saved corresponds to a total of 280,000 square meters, or 171 tons of paper per year. By making these clever adjustments, TRICOR has significantly reduced CO2e emissions without negatively affecting the previous properties and protective functions.

Small load carrier variants according to VDA recommendation

  • Stacking locking by stepped base 
  • Stacking locking by stacking lugs 
  • Customised solutions tailored to customer requirements

We have all common VDA-recommended small load carrier systems from the major automotive OEMs in our portfolio. 

Your advantages when using small load carriers made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard

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Conserving resources
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Can be combined with reusable KLT
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Delivery flat or upright
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Customized printing and coating possible

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