Steering gear packaging

The universal container is a corrugated cardboard packaging solution for the automotive industry

The universal container for steering gears can hold at least ten different types of steering gears. It consists of a corrugated cardboard outer box containing an insert, two solid cardboard blanks and two large and small cable ties. The packaging for steering gears is delivered fully assembled, but is also available in flat or cut-to-size form.

By using the universal container, you reduce your packaging variety and optimise your ordering, administration and storage costs. In addition, sources of error during packaging can be avoided and the time required for the packaging process can be reduced.


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Your advantages by using steering gear packaging from TRICOR

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Universal customisation
The packaging for steering gears locks at least ten different types of steering gears, allowing flexibility of use.
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Versatile delivery options
Can be delivered flat, kitted or fully assembled.
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Reduced packaging variety
The universal packaging reduces the variety of packaging, which simplifies ordering, administration and storage.
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Fault prevention
Standardised packaging minimises sources of error during packing.
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Time saving
The packing process is optimised by using the universal packaging for steering gears, which reduces the time required.
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All materials in the universal packaging can be easily separated, disposed of and recycled.

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