ESD packaging

Packaging solutions with a shielding effect against electrostatic discharge

Packaging with an ESD coating protects your products from electrostatic discharge during transportation and storage. An ESD coating can be applied to various materials, including corrugated cardboard, EPP and foam.

TRICOR offers a wide range of packaging solutions for ESD-sensitive products in the form of cartons, boxes and load carriers and makes an important contribution to ensuring your product quality.


Your benefits when using packaging with an ESD coating

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Maintaining product integrity
The primary function of the ESD coating is to safely dissipate electrostatic charges to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.
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Compliance with industry standards
In many industries, ESD protection measures are required to comply with industry-specific standards and norms.
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Improved storage
ESD-protected packaging enables electronic components to be stored safely without the risk of electrostatic damage.
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Optimization of production processes
ESD protection makes production processes more efficient and reliable by minimizing the likelihood of malfunctions or damage.
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Cost savings
The use of ESD-protected packaging helps to reduce waste and rework, which can lead to cost savings in the long term.

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