Bicycle packaging

Eco-friendly packaging for bikes and bike equipment

With its customised bicycle packaging, TRICOR is able to offer an ideal packaging solution for all types of bicycles.

Our corrugated cardboard bicycle packaging solution is optimally tailored to the bicycles that need to be transported. Fixings and padding protect the bicycle during transport and avoid additional costs.

The equipment box is securely locked onto the seat and also protected from transport damage.

Smart design details enable bike buyers to open the box without any effort and usual lifting of the bike out of the bike packaging is not necessary. 

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Your advantages

using corrugated cardboard bicycle packaging

  • Avoidance of transport damage
  • Customised wheel fixings
  • No additional costs due to plastic parts
  • Uncomplicated packing and unpacking without lifting equipment by simply rolling in and out
  • No packaging damage during lifting due to double material thicknesses for the handle holes
  • Time efficiency due to faster order picking process 
  • Integrated equipment box due to saddle fixation
  • No additional equipment box required
  • 100% recyclable and plastic-free thanks to the single-material corrugated cardboard solution, because no plastic protective film is required

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