Packaging for electronics & electronic devices

Packaging for electronics & electronic devices

Electronics and electronic devices are among the indispensable items that are used in many different ways in all industries. In most cases, this is highly sensitive technology that requires special protection, especially during transportation and storage.


Damage to electronic equipment can be very costly and is not always easy to replace due to resource shortages, for example. It is therefore all the more important to take all the necessary precautions in advance during packaging to prevent this. 


Customized packaging from TRICOR made of corrugated cardboard and foam in combination with ESD coatings can be an optimal option in this case.

Industry experience at TRICOR

Thanks to our many years of experience in the electronics sector, we are the ideal partner for companies looking for innovative and safe packaging solutions made of corrugated cardboard, wood, foam and EPP. Thanks to our ESD coatings, which are used in combination with both corrugated cardboard and foam materials, sensitive devices are not only protected from knocks and impacts during transportation, but also from damage caused by electrostatic discharge.


We have been working with numerous industries for many years and have developed a deep understanding of specific and complex requirements. Whether it's small packaging, large load carriers or EPP molded parts, our customers benefit from our expertise and our drive for continuous improvement.

Added value & service


Optimized risk management by understanding your production cycle and identifying limiting factors in the supply chain.


Reduce your costs throughout the supply chain by developing smart industrial packaging.

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