Packaging for producers of renewable energy

Packaging for producers of renewable energy

Sustainable packaging is essential for renewable energy producers. At a time when the global demand for clean and environmentally friendly energy is constantly increasing, it is also of great importance that the packaging that protects and transports these products is also sustainable.


Our packaging not only offers effective protection for sensitive components, systems and modules, but also meets the highest ecological standards thanks to sustainable materials


Together, we can make a positive contribution to the promotion of renewable energies and shape a sustainable future.

Industry experience at TRICOR

Thanks to our many years of industry experience at TRICOR, we are the ideal partner for companies looking for innovative packaging solutions made of corrugated board and EPP. We have worked with numerous industries for many years and have developed a deep understanding of specific and complex requirements. Our customers benefit from our expertise and our drive for continuous improvement.

Added value & service


Optimized risk management by understanding your production cycle and identifying limiting factors in the supply chain.


Reduce your costs throughout the supply chain by developing smart industrial packaging.

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