Semi-bulk industry

Semi-bulk industry

Bulk goods, also known as semi-bulk goods, are used in a wide variety of sectors and industries. 


These can be food products such as flour and rice, for example, but also construction materials such as gravel, sand and cement. Fertilizers, various granulates, mining products and chemical products also count as classic bulk goods and are dependent on professional packaging in order to be transported and stored safely and efficiently


Important packaging requirements must be met, such as easy handling, high dust-tightness (for fine-powdered bulk goods), robustness, efficient disposal and much more.

Added value & service


Optimized risk management by understanding your production cycle and identifying limiting factors in the supply chain.


Reduce your costs throughout the supply chain by developing smart industrial packaging.

Industry experience at TRICOR

Thanks to our many years of experience in the bulk goods industry, we are the ideal partner for companies looking for efficient and safe packaging solutions made of heavy-duty corrugated board. We have been working with numerous industries for many years and have developed a deep understanding of specific and complex requirements. Whether it's bulk goods in the food, chemical or building materials industries, our customers benefit from our expertise and our drive for continuous improvement.

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